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  • Who can benefit from chiropractic care?
    Research shows that chiropractic is beneficial for people of all ages and ailments, from children to the elderly.
  • What is a chiropractic adjustment?
    A chiropractic adjustment is a specific force applied to a spinal subluxation (nerve interference or damage), helping to restore nerve flow, communication and neurological integrity. This allows your body and nervous system to function at an optimal level.
  • Why do children see a chiropractor?
    We feel it is better to grow healthy children than fix broken adults. hildren, like adults, are exposed to all stressors from day one Research demonstrates immense benefits for children receiving chiropractic care from a young age.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Every case and person that presents to the office is treated uniquely. The amount of sessions required will depend entirely on your objectives and your lifestyle history.
  • How long does each adjustment take?
    We understand that time, energy and health are our three most valuable entities. So, Samuel has worked on a system that will help save on each of these three pillars. Each adjustment will take around 15-20 minutes, depending on your day-to-day presentation.
  • What is the price?
    The first visit goes over two days. In the first day the Dr. will investigate your health to try identify the cause of your issues. In that, they will perform a full health history, advanced neurological testing, take digital posture photos and you will receive your first specific correction. On the second day, the Dr. will explain in detail the results of your tests, give you his personalised care plan and make a second correction. This has a total price of 120 euros. Each individual appointment following is 60 euros. Alternatively, given this is a lifestyle change and takes time, many of our members chose one of our health plans which reduces the cost of each individual adjustment.
  • Why is regular chiropractic care necessary?
    Over time, your body creates patterns, postures and habits. In the process, your body will undergo a myriad of changes and adaptations in order to develop those new patterns, postures and habits. But being that your body has muscle memory, it will regress to its old ways under physical, chemical and emotional stress. Regular chiropractic care helps to maintain full neurological communication to every cell, muscle, tissue and organ in your body while going about our daily, stressful lives.
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